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SSBS Rules and Regulations

Reading and complying with SSBS Policy and Onsite Rules and Regulations is the responsibility of the occupant prior to reservation.

Listed are the Onsite Rules and Regulations plus general Safe Storage Baja Sur (hereafter "SSBS") policy for the individual leasing a storage space (hereafter “Occupant”) from Safe Storage Baja Sur (hereafter “Owner”). The Occupant is required and responsible for understanding and complying.  Once the Occupant reserves a unit, the Occupant takes full responsibility for all items within the unit. SSBS is not held liable or responsible for items placed within the unit after the reservation (hereafter "lease agreement") is made. Please read the below policies and the attachments before completing your reservation. 


SSBS Policy:

*Taxes are not included in the listed price (16% VAT)

*We do not accept pre-reservations - only on a first come, first serve basis.

*Occupant is responsible for reading the Onsite Rules and Regulations prior to reserving

*All payments are set up as automatic reoccurring charges.

*30 day cancellation notice is REQUIRED.

*Notice of cancellation is the occupant's responsibility. 

*No refunds or changes after a payment is made.

*SSBS protects items within each unit to the best of ability against weather, insects, environmental, theft, or other unforeseen or related incidents.

*SSBS does not hold responsibility or guarantee contents from damage once the space is rented.

*SSBS highly recommends purchasing personal rental insurance to protect the items inside your leased unit.

*SSBS will replace locks on units if monthly payment is not made. Items will be released to owners once lapsed payment is fulfilled. 

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